Focus on Yourself, Your breath.
Awareness of Your body.

Shapely and proportional silhouette, serenity and the ability to cope with stress, are just some of the results of Pilates, Barre Au Sol or Barre classes.

Pilates, Barre Au Sol and Barre classes are undoubtedly an integral part of a comprehensive approach to our Clients. Our instructors will lead individual meetings as well as the ones for two persons, with great passion and commitment.

Pilates classes will strengthen Your resistance to stress and help You achieve a real harmony in Your life. It will help You in being calm and focus on Your body and mind.


Pilates is a system of exercises which harmoniously combines working on body and mind. It focuses us on “here and now”, develops body awareness and care for movement purity. This is a training in which we build up our “powerhouse” through strengthening muscles of the abdomen, buttocks and back. We work in symmetrical positioning and stretch the body, through which we gain flexibility, slender figure and beautiful posture.

The creator of the method, Joseph H. Pilates, devoted all of his life to observation of human body, its natural functions and abilities. Pilates’ genius makes his method resistant to any fitness trends, while the number of its followers still grows amongst professional athletes, celebrities, young mothers, as well as all those who experience back pain due to sedentary lifestyle or extra kilograms.

MAÉ Institute offers individual sessions, conducted in classic sequence, which guarantees the fastest and best results.



Barre Au Sol is a classic warm-up of ballet dancers transferred from the barre to the mat. Exercises such as plie, rond de jambe or battement, which create beautiful, long and slender muscles of dancers, are carried out without burdening of the joints and with greater stability. We strengthen and stretch the muscles increasing range of motion and flexibility at the same time. The music accompanying the sessions brings relaxation, while short choreography of exercises teaches grace, movement memory, coordination and straight posture.

After Barre Au Sol class You will feel wonderful relaxation and an invaluable desire for further activities.


These sessions are inspired by ballet classes and focus on sculpting a slender figure and working on posture. In MAÉ Institute we exercise at the barre and on the mat at a faster pace, which improves condition and burns calories.

The aim of BARRE practice is primarily strengthening muscles of the abdomen, back, legs and buttocks, as well as subtle toning of muscles of the arms. After only a few weeks, You will see how your body gets gradually more stretched and takes on beautiful elongated shape.

Discover our Pilates, Barre Au Sol and Barre classes.