Our own programme combines the mindfulness practise, MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) and TRE (Tension Stress Trauma Release).

Customized sessions under the supervision of our experts help to restore well-being, find inner balance and ensure an adequate flow of good energy.

Properly selected self-care practices help to develop resistance to stress and after only a few days allow to create new neural connections in brain, having an invaluable effect on improving the comfort of our lives.


Every day, we live in a rush, focused on achieving further goals. A countless amount of thoughts constantly flow through our minds that can keep us in the past or focus on future activities for a long time. We do not have time to slow down to see what is actually happening in our lives now, in a particular moment. We know very little about what is happening in ourselves: in our body, mind and emotions. In this disconnected state, we often act automatically, habitually – driven by fears and desires. The eight-week MBSR program (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) is used to introduce healthy habits of taking care of yourself. As a result, You will start experiencing each moment intensively, regain greater peace and joy of life, learn to practice mindfulness, regain influence on how you feel every day, take better care of yourself in difficult situations and finally learn how to manage stress and not the other way around.

TRE® (Tension Stress Trauma Release)

TRE®  is not a therapy. It is a method of body work developed by Dr. David Berceli. It involves activating natural neurogenic vibrations in the body through a series of simple exercises. Over the years, our bodies accumulate tensions and remnants of trauma and stress. This process results in tissue tension and inability of feeling and understanding the signals coming from the body. The TRE® method brings back the natural abilities of dealing with stress and trauma. It activates the tools which are at every person’s disposal. In return, we achieve relaxation and gradual restoration of natural balance, in which all the systems (neurological, biochemical and anatomical) work in harmony. The process is different for each person and it is adjusted to the speed in which the body is able to integrate all the released tensions. Gradually, the physical and psychological state of a person is improved. This method provides an excellent support to other psychotherapeutic activities. It is safe and can be used by people of all ages and of every physical condition.

"TREAT YOUR STRESS" and significantly improve the comfort of your life...! Learn about our Reiki, TRE®, mindfulness, RTT® and Health Coaching sessions.