A good team of people with shared
vision of health. This is who we are.

For each of us, external beauty of the body is inseparably connected to inner peace and balance.

Holistic approach is the foundation of our philosophy. We analyze our Clients’ health problems on many levels in order to achieve the perfect balance of body and mind.

Natalia Piętka cosmetologist

Thorough education, supported by professional experience gained in renowned aesthetic medicine clinics and SPAs, is used in Natalia’s day-to-day cosmetology work.

She specializes in treatments supporting natural skin renewal processes and holistic approach to external and internal beauty.

Milena Nosek clinical dietitian

Graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, lecturer, nutrition expert, author of numerous texts and utterances in health, dietetics and lifestyle. Past dancer, propagator of physical activity, preventive
healthcare and education at work on a harmonious approach to both: mental and
physical health. At MAE’ Institute offers consultancy and leading by learning a consistent and careful diet style.

Urszula Czamarska receptionist

Urszula gained her proffesional and individual experience in customer service while working in hotel industry and renowned medical company. Kindness, respect and smile are her key factors for Clients happiness and satisfaction, as well as a good atmosphere in the team.

Basia Piela pilates & barre au sol instructor

The University of Warsaw graduate who has been devoted to classical dance from childhood. In her work Basia puts emphasis on deepening body consciousness and the harmony of movement.

She has been deepening her knowledge and practice of classical Pilates under the supervision of Marjorie Oron in Hague, earning the title of Romana’s Pilates Level V Teacher.   She has also accomplished the Body Arts and Science International course (BASI) in Paris and conducted Barre Au Sol courses and workshops for 10 years at the Warsaw Ballet School studio.


Yuka Ebihara barre & pilates instructor

Japanese dancer of the Warsaw ballet scene. In September 2011 she joined the Grand Theater – National Opera in Warsaw, and in September 2013 she became the principal dancer with Polish National Ballet.

Yuka was born in Tokyo, but gained her ballet education in Japan, China and Canada and then gained her experience in Norway, England, USA, France, Croatia and many other countries.

Yuka is also a certified pilates instructor – she holds a BASI certificate (Body Arts and Science International) in classes on mat and machines.

She also runs individual ballet classes for kids in MAE’.

Kasia Makowiecka yoga instructor

A traveler, musician and ashtanga yoga teacher. As a dancer, she also runs stretching and regenerating classes for dancers.

Kasia took part in ashtanga workshops led by Tarik van Prehn and traveled around India, where she practiced yoga.

Kasia also completed a teacher’s training course with Basia Lipska, one of the best Ashtanga teachers in Europe.

Katarzyna Łapińska physiotherapist, cosmetologist

Master of physiotherapy and a certified masseur, expert in the field of body slimming and shaping, as well as in eliminating skin imperfections.

Katarzyna enhances manual therapy with non-invasive face and body treatments, using the advanced technology of Icoone Laser and Intraceuticals infusion.

Monika Witkowska Certified teacher of MBSR, TRE® provider (during certification)

An economist by profession, Monika is a Board Member of the Polish Mindfulness Institute and also a Vice President. She has been practicing Mindfulness for over 3 years now and during this time has accomplished a yearlong Formal Practice Programme in the Polish Mindfulness Institute. She completed training of MBSR, Interpersonal Mindfulness Practice (mindfulness in relationships) and MBCT. She participated in many workshops, deepening her practice and knowledge in this field. She is fascinated with the Compassion concept. Monika has also completed full Zen Coaching training and is now taking part in TRE® (Tension*Stress*Trauma*Release) licensed training. She is a co-author and co-host of a mindfulness practice cycle “4 elements” and a MBSR+ programme “Be more – leave mindfully”. Since November 2016, along with other teachers, she has been running a series of different mindfulness practise meetings and workshops.

Karolina Czmuda Owner

An enthusiast of a healthy lifestyle, decided to share her passion and experience through MAE’ Health Institute. She pays great attantion to details around her. She believes that achieving success depends on persistance in pursuing a goal. In MAE’ Health Institute, she wants to make her Clients aware of the importance of daily mindfulness and care of their good health and well-being, in the name of philosophy “let’s prevent instead of treating”.