Holistic nutrition is a natural approach to diet,
that takes into consideration not only the food,
but all aspects of life

We step away from standard dietetics practice and focus on holistic nutrition.

Our goal is to guide and support our Clients on a path to healthier and more conscious choices, so that after the program is completed, they can continue on this healthy lifestyle with needed knowledge, confidence and strength.
We focus mainly on nutrition and provide recommendations customized to Client’s specific needs, with regard to once lifestyle and personal preferences. We offer nutritional education and ongoing support during the whole length of the program.

We treat each person individually considering their nutritional habits, emotional wellbeing and lifestyle.

Balance is key to optimum wellbeing

The main goal of functional nutrition is to restore balance in the body, so that all of its systems could perform its functions properly giving the energy, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, boosting immunity and optimum health.
The same applies to emotional balance – most of the health issues are caused by chronic stress. This is why together with nutritional advice, we suggest the tools how to cope with stress in everyday life.

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